M. & G.N. Circle Photographs

GENERAL INFORMATION ON M&GN CIRCLE PHOTOS BACKGROUND:- The Photo Archive dates from the late 1970s when a collection of over 700 negatives taken by the late Ted Tuddenham, Circle member and relief signalman on BR, was presented to the Circle by Peter Bower. The current Photo Officer was appointed in 1979 and remains in post. In 2004 the M&GN Circle decided that the future of its photographic service lay in moving to computer-based print production and a start was made on digitising the archive. At the time of producing this leaflet some 13,600 photographs had been digitised from the still growing catalogue of 24,600 pictures. This has allowed improvements to the quality and consistency of the resulting prints since retouching to remove such imperfections as scratches, pressure marks, uneven exposure, and stains can be made to the master images before printing. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COLLECTION:- The Circle is anxious to extend its collection and encourages Circle Members and others to make material available for the Circle's use and the ultimate benefit of Member research. Arrangements as to how this may be handled can be discussed with Adrian C Whittaker, who will be happy to provide further advice and information. PHOTO LISTS AND REFERENCE SYSTEM The Circle’s collection of currently catalogued railway photos leans mainly towards the M&GNJR – 11,616 and the N&SJR - 779, it also extensively covers former GER lines and subjects – 5,553 items. Perhaps more unexpected is our collection of GN&GEJt - 469, LB&SCR – 305, S&DJR - 165, Isle of Man – 804, SER – 438, North London Railway – 117, LC&DR – 106, GNR – 689, GWR – 488, MR – 242, GCR – 233 and L&SWR – 256. Other material covers most UK mainland railways and some continental and Australian scenes. Lists, mostly based on a geographical reference, cover the above systems. Details of all the lists are set out on an explanatory schedule which is provided to all new Members at the time they joint the Circle. A copy of this schedule can also be obtained on request. Each Circle photo has a reference made up of a letter prefix denoting the pre-1923 operating railway, followed by a letter suffix denoting the geographical location of the line concerned, a four digit number completes the reference. More recently added is a two-letter suffix intended to give guidance as to the quality of the print, the way this works is detailed in the General Information Sheet attached to each photo list. M&GN/N&SJt LINE PHOTO LISTS List Reference Route or Subject Pages MGN-CB. Cromer branch. Melton to Cromer Beach. 44 MGN-CN. Central Norfolk line. Melton to North Walsham. 18 MGN-LF. Lynn & Fakenham Railway. Lynn to Melton Constable. 34 MGN-LS. Locomotive stock. 18 MGN-MC. Melton Constable. 61 MGN-ME. Midlands & Eastern Railway. King’s Lynn to Leicester. 50 MGN-NB. Norwich branch. Melton Constable to Norwich City. 34 MGN-PWS. Peterborough Wisbeach & Sutton Railway. 27 MGN-RS. Rolling stock. 16 MGN-SL. South Lynn. 46 MGN-YNN. Yarmouth & North Norfolk Railway. Yarmouth to North Walsham. 47 NSJ-CW. Cromer to North Walsham via Mundesley. 19 NSJ-YL. Yarmouth Beach and South Town to Lowestoft Central. 18 PRICING AND ORDERING ARRANGEMENTS:- During the initial month of issue in the Bulletin’s Photonews supplement postcards are available to Circle members at a discounted price. Photonews also details regular "special" offer photos released by arrangement with their owners. Photos should be ordered from - Adrian C Whittaker, 19 Leith Park Road, Windmill Hill, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1LN. Postcards (100mm x 150mm) are priced at £1.00p each. 10”x7” prints of any photo can be supplied at £3.50p. Postage has to be added at 85p for up to 6 postcards or for up to 2 10”x7” prints, £1-20p for 7- 20 postcards or up to 6 10”x7” prints, and £1-70p for more. Other sizes of photos may be provided by special arrangement. Cheques should be made out to ‘M&GN Circle’.

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTE:- Photographs issued by the Circle are all subject to copyright considerations. Photos are normally made available to members of the Circle only. At the time of photo-issue Photonews carries full Copyright details. Copyright of individual items is also detailed in all Circle photo lists. Copyright stamping is placed on the reverse of all Circle photos. Where copyright attributions to a photographer are few, then the Circle Copyright stamp may be used. The stamp does not, therefore, invariably represent that the copyright is held by the Circle, it can also signify that copyright is administered by the Circle on the photographer's/donor's behalf. Copyright arrangements may change over time and it is essential that the up-to-date position is checked when considering any use. No photo may be used for any purpose other than private study without the prior written approval of the Circle Photos Officer - Adrian C Whittaker. Reproduction of photos is strictly forbidden without this clearance, a verbal or even written approval from any other member or officer of the Circle is not adequate. There is a fee payable for use of photos and this, together with the agreement of appropriate acknowledgements to the photographer/donor and the Circle, must be settled before reproduction. Currently the minimum copyright fee for reproduction stands at £15-00p per photo, subject to observance of the above conditions.For further details please contact Adrian C. Whittaker.

E-mail: awba11917@blueyonder.co.uk


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